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    Tweeted by @RianRietveld: http://twitter.com/RianRietveld/status/989443223822184448 Ok, for all of you asking "but how do I test if my work is accessible?" We've written 4 pages about how to test for #a11y in the WordPress Accessibility Handbook. About content,…

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    Tweeted by @MsD_QOH: http://twitter.com/MsD_QOH/status/987072104523882503 Coming to @CanConnectEd next week? Primary teacher? Want to learn how @msonenote can help you personalize learning for your Ss, keep you organized and minimize your work load? Come check out my pres:…

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    Tweeted by @BeckyKeene: http://twitter.com/BeckyKeene/status/983537527914053632 Someone had to write about this? It’s not obvious? https://t.co/0x4qPlwwPW — Becky Keene (@BeckyKeene) April 10, 2018

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    Tweeted by @ShakeUpLearning: http://twitter.com/ShakeUpLearning/status/984778788285440002 Inside this FREE eBook: #18Challenges for Teachers in 2018, you can learn all about the NEW updates to the @PearDeck Add-On for #GoogleSlideshttps://t.co/BkdC1tKtuR #gsuiteedu #edtech #googleedu #googleclassroom #k12 — Kasey Bell (@ShakeUpLearning) April…

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    Tweeted by @teachermarija: http://twitter.com/teachermarija/status/982229966707343361 Is it really possible to create a Computer Science curriculum for our K12 schools? https://t.co/VylHsSba5W #edtech #edchat via TeacherCast — Maria Petreska (@teachermarija) April 6, 2018